Vorige     Volgende

Nest, 2004, fiberfill

Nest is a studio installation I made for the Kunstlijn (Open studios Haarlem) 2004. I covered my entire studio in white fiberfill, on a wire frame. The fabric softened all light and sound and created an unwordly atmoshpere. It is an expression of what it meant to me to open up my studio to the public. Everything in the studio, including the personal stuff, was taken from sight by the installation. The visitors unintendedly left their marks in my work. Their shoes and hands and drinks soiled my perfect white space. Letting lots and lots of people into your studio during a weekend like the Kunstlijn can be an invasion of one's privacy. This installation is also a statement on the meaning of a studio to me as an artist. It is a warm nest, a place for retreat, a place to work concentrated in absolute seclusion. The white space also stands for a tabula rasa, the white piece of paper from which anything can happen.